1 DISC Rp.5.000,-
Anna (Felicity Jones) is a bright and fiery young writer in her last year of college in Los Angeles. It’s there that she meets Jacob (Anton Yelchin), a quiet and shy young carpenter studying furniture design. Modern times being what they are it’s Anna who makes the first move, writing a love letter to Jacob inviting him out on a date, where the two find they have an instant, undeniable and passionate connection. Their love is carefree and strong until reality inevitably intervenes: after graduation Anna’s student visa will expire, and she’ll be forced to return home to London. The thought of separating tears at both young lovers’ hearts, until Anna makes a bold decision: she’ll ignore the mandates of her visa and instead spend a joyous summer in Jacob’s arms.

The summer couldn’t be happier for the couple, and when Anna finally returns to London, it’s on the assumption that it will only be brief absence. However, the powers that be don’t take the issue of visa violation lightly, and Anna and Jacob soon find themselves in a nightmare of immigration laws and bureaucratic entanglements, as they fight desperately to stay connected with one another. This battle for love spans several years as Anna and Jacob both grow and change and come together and drift apart – try to find love elsewhere only to struggle with the inescapable magnetism of true love.




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