Rp. 15.000,-

Genre: Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 12
Broadcast network: E-Channel & DRAMAcube
Broadcast period: 2015-Nov-08 to 2016-Jan-24
Air time: Sunday 23:00


Is the new business idea crazy or is it just crazy enough to succeed? Cha Ki Joon (Kim Dong Wook) is a well-educated young man who begins his career in an enviable entry-level job at a large corporation. But he is not happy with his life. On a whim, Ki Joon decides to quit his job and start up a new business with his two childhood friends, Yoon So Dam (Lee Chung Ah) and Go Tae Ra (Choi Yeo Jin). So Dam has been working lots of different part-time jobs while trying to make it as an illustrator. Tae Ra is a former cycling athlete who decides to go in with Ki Joon on his new business idea – because it’s a company that will make rickshaws, of all things. As the three friends deal with the real world, changing friendships and budding relationships, can their crazy business possibly succeed?


Main Cast

Kim Dong Wook as Cha Ki Joon
Lee Chung Ah as Yoon So Dam
Choi Min Sung as Kang Yoon Jae
Yoon Jong Hoon as Kim Joon Wook
– Ahn Jae Sung as Kim Joon Wook (young)
Choi Yeo Jin as Go Tae Ra
Jo Byung Kyu as Kim Min Joong

Supporting Cast

Kil Hae Yun as Bae Mi Sun
Jang Ho Il as Bae Hyung Sun
Kim Min Kyung as Seo Eun Joo
Lee Hee Jin as Oh Jung In
Jung Yi Rang as Baek Jin Joo
Sul Chang Hee (설창희)
Lee Tae Gum (이태검)
Kim Wang Soo (강왕수)
Oh Ji Soo (오지수)
Jung Myung Joon (정명준)


Hong Suk Chun
Kim Kang Hyun
Lee Dong Hoon
So Hee Jung


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